Welcome to Get Radio

How to Listen

Listen to Get Radio online at getradio.co.uk

Online at getradio.co.uk

You can listen right now by clicking the Listen Now button at the top of the page.

In the coming days, we will be moving to RadioPlayer. The standard for online radio listening in the UK. RadioPlayer brings more functionality and the ability to listen on various devices using the RadioPlayer app.

On The Radio

You can listen on DAB Digital Radio across Oxfordshire. We are listed as Get Radio. If you can’t find us, try retuning your radio – if retuning is required, there should be a retune button.

DAB Digital Radio
Smart Speaker

On Your Smart Speaker

Say “Alexa, enable Get Radio Skill” to get started. Then “Alexa, play Get Radio” each time you want to tune in.

What About The Streams?

If you have some software or a device that needs the stream address, here they are:

https://stream.getradio.co.uk/aac (128Kbit/s AAC)
https://stream.getradio.co.uk/aac64 (64Kbit/s AAC)
https://stream.getradio.co.uk/mp3 (128Kbit/s MP3)

If your device doesn’t support https – just drop the s and give http a go, for example:


If you need help please email studio@getradio.co.uk

Internet Radio - All the stream settings
Configure your Sonos


To listen to Get Radio on Sonos you will need to add Get Radio as a custom radio station. Choose Browse, then TuneIn, then My Radio Stations. From the menu icon choose Add New Radio Station. Use https://stream.getradio.co.uk/aac as the Streaming URL and Get Radio as the Station Name