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Featuring Special Guest Chris from Strummer Room Records in Banbury.

Featuring Special Guest Jim Jones – yes THE JIM JONES! + Loads of new music from Oxford and bands playing Oxford, plus an apology to Annie Lennox…

Featuring Special Guest guest John Otway + Music from Tom Jones, Pavement, Boo Radleys, Chameleons, Jim Jones All Stars, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and Focus.

In the Mix with Special Guest Curator, Matt Rhodes.

Featuring Special Guest – Oxford Music Legend Adam Franklin + New music from Pecq, Echo Vector X, In-Flight Music, Hedidn’t, Killer Kowalski, Junodream & all the usual insanity from the most popular duo since Liz and Kwasi…

In the Mix with Special Guest Curator, The Deadbeat Apostles!

Featuring Special Guest Andy Skinner from Captain Kuppa T. and the Zeppelin Crew, plus new music from The Subtheory, Sable, Johnny Payne & The Thunder, Asher Dust, Pet Twin, Chloe August and Yellow County.

In the Mix with presented by Reg Ganley and curated by Scott Lyman.

Featuring Special Guest Mark from Shaven Primates and all the usual nonsense from the undynamic duo…

Featuring Special Guest Jamie from The Kokroachez, plus new music from Gigsy, Jody & The Jerms, The Mezz, The People Versus and Tilly Valentine…

Featuring not one, but two Special Guests – Erika and Smilex who are both talking about Riverside Festival…

In the Mix with Special Guest Curator, Stat from Ipswich.

Featuring Special Guest The Bobo + New Music from Current affairs, Killer Kowalski, In-Flight Movie, Grant Baldwin, Kone, Stornaway, Pet Twin and The Foam Heads.

Featuring Special Guest Stefano from Brune Muerte.

Featuring Special Guests Andy & Nigel from the Unbelievable Truth + New Music from Circa Waves, Dolly Mavies, The Bobo, Slow Drift, Reveller & GIGSY.

In the Mix with Special Guest Curator, Sam from Ipswich.

 Featuring the comeback of everyone’s least favourite feature – Covered Uncovered, a vomit inducing Oxfordshire Classic & MORE…

Featuring Special Guests Corrine and Pete from Mid Air plus loads of fantastic new music from Oxford…

Featuring eclectic mixes and songs that inspired Rich and Deadly

Featuring Special Guest Philip Selway + New Music from The Original Rabbit Footspasm Band, The Bobo, Pet Twin, John’s Gone and the Disappointments, Jody and the Jerms, Tom Seth Johnson, Maisy’s Rainbow Dream, The Kokroachez and Mid-Air.

Melting Pot In The Mix curated by Dan from Eynsham Cellars.

 Featuring Special Guest Jim from Cassells + New Music from Dolly Mavies, Modernlove, The Bug Club, Self Help, Pecq, Daze, Mila Todd, Gary and Dakorra.

Special Guest this week is Jamie Hyatt – lead singer and principal songwriter for Bedd formerly with Daisies, Medal and The Family Machine.

Episode 52 of Melting Pot sees the undynamic duo looking back at the last two years of the show. Featuring some of the best music and the worst jokes including a replay of arguably their finest Random Rock Revelation…

Episode 51… How have we got this far? Special Guest is Ian Mitchell from Page of Swords and BarrelHaus + the usual nonsense and an homage to the former venue Scamps in Oxford…

Featuring Special Guest, Jez from Utah Saints + regular features, Covered Uncovered, Oxford Classic and of course the Random Rock Revelation…

Featuring Special Guest Erik from Echo Vector  + music from Billy Idol, Voice of the Beehive, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Kate Bush.

Featuring Special Suests Segs and Ruffy from The Ruts DC + music from Slade, Terrorvision, BigJoanie, Chiika, Emma Hunter, Elastoplast, Barricane, The Original Rabbit Footspasm Band, Tivertons, Tiger Mendoza, Sharron Kraus & The Specials.

In the spirit of John Peel, we decided to hold our own Festive 20 with listeners voting for their favourite track by an Oxfordshire-based musician of 2022.  Featuring the best songs to come from Oxford and surrounding areas in 2022.

Featuring Special Guest Raymond from That Petrol Emotion + music from The Who, Asian Dub Foundation, The Everlasting Yeah, Wavewalkers, Jody & The Jerms, Spank Hair, Premium Leisure, Black Nielsen and Black Sabbath.

Featuring Special Guest Tiger Mendoza + music from Bob Dylan, Yazoo, John Otway, The Chameleons, The Sweet, The Wonderstuff and EMF.

Featuring Special Guest Ally Craig + music from Electric Six, Yazoo, The Wonderstuff, EMF, The Beat The Smiths, The Adverts, Jim Bob (Carrter USM).

A Special In the Mix curated by Get Radios’s own Mike Foster. Featuring his go-to tracks and favourite songs…

Featuring Special Guest Mr Spike who talks about his time with Sinead O’Connor and 35 years of Lion and the Cobra + music from OMD, Zodiac Mindwarp, Bellowhead, Octavia Freud, Jesus and The Mary Chain, and Suede.

Special Guest is Oxfordshire rising star Manners. Featuring songs from The Stranglers, The Fratellis, The Proclaimers, Squeeze and The Darkness + New Music from Oxford-based artists Moogieman, David Fulbrook, Nineteenth Hour, Firegazer and Gigsy.

Special Guest is promoter Aiden Divine Schism who talks about 10 years of putting on gigs in Oxford. Featuring music from The Pogues, Transvision Vamp, Mary Lattimore, Naima Bock, Other Half, Qlowski, The Undertones, Public Service Broadcasting, Regina Spektor, The Jerichos, Silent Weapon, The Bobo and Motorhead.

Special Guest is the wonderful Gigsy. Featuring music from Ocean Colour Scene, The Levellers, Sports Team Jeffrey Lewis and the Voltage, Goldie Looking Chain and Super Furry Animals.

Featuring an interview with Lee Christain of Smilex and Qucikfix fame + New Music from Catgod, hedidn’t, Metal Horses, Ally Craig, Daze.

Featuring Special Guest Jennie Matthias of Belle Stars fame. She talks about all things Jennie and about the great buzz she got from her recent appearance at Charlbury Riverside Festival.

Featuring Special Guest Mick Quinn from Supergrass and music from The Ruts, Wet Leg, Swervedriver, The dB Band, Octavia Freud vs Rabbit Footspasm Band, Slow Drift, Sports Team, Kanadia, Illusion Artist and so much more…

The usual nonsense from Rich and Deadly with some fine music from Cassels, Echo Vector X, The Machine Breakers, Glass Temples, Eddie and the Hot Rods, The Waterboys and the Monochrome Set. Special Guest is promoter Rich Catterall from Gappy Tooth Industries.

Featuring music from The Jam, The Stranglers, new music from Octavia Freud, Chiika, Tiger Mendoza, Ally Craig, Emma Hunter, Rabbit Footspasm Band. Special Guest is rising star Aphra Taylor + there’s usual non-sensical nonsense from the hosts Rich and Deadly.

Featuring Special Guest Fergus McVey talking about all things Riverside Festival + Music from Elvis Costello & The Attractions, The Killers, Adamski, Kanadia, Barricane, Octavia Freud and the newly reformed Underbelly.

Special Fuest is comedian, actor and songwriter Graham Fellows (aka Jilted John and John Shuttleworth). Features music from Depeche Mode, New Order, The Subtheory, Juniper Nights, the new single from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and MORE…

Special Guests this week are one of Oxford’s up-and-coming stars – Daze + music from Siouxsie and the Banshees, Graham Coxon, Kanadia, Skunk Anansie, Whitney Houston, The Four Lads, Pet Shop Boys and Aphroditie’s Child. 

A Special In the Mix curated by the wonderful Chiika.

Featuring Special Guest Tamara ahead of her album launch at the Jericho Tavern+ New Music from Shotover, David Fulbrook and Echo Vector X & Barricane (recorded live outside The Bear on May Morning).

Featuring Special Guest Richard Rammage + music from Means of Production, Summer Towns, Mandrake Handshake, Tamara with a little bit of The Sisters of Mercy and Supergrass thrown in for good measure…

 Featuring music from Inspiral Carpets, The Divine Comedy, Bob Dylan, Maximo Park and our Special Guest Octavia Freud. This week’s Oxfordshire Classic comes from Arthur Turner’s Lovechild? Whilst we have not one, not two, but three future classics from Far Dust, Chloe August and Echo Vector X.

In the Mix with Special curator Gavin Barber.

Featuring music from The Shamen, Carter USM. The Rock of Travolta, The Moneyshots, Emma Hunter, The Nubiles, Echo Vector X, The Smile, Pandapopalypse, Suede and more…

Featuring special guest Rotator Records and Shifty Disco man Rich Cotton + Music from Kim Wilde, Glass Animals, The Sweeney, Impossible Music Force, an Oxfordshire classic from Steamroller and new music from Julia Sophie, Pecq and Echo Vector X.

 Featuring special guest The Subtheory, plus new music from Oxfordshire from Octavia Freud, Pecq and Jody and the Jerms. A couple of classic tracks from Nøught and Radiohead. And a Random Rock Revelation you’ll not want to miss.

Special Guests are Kanadia. New music from Tiger Mendoza, The Smile and The Great Ape Band with an Oxford classic by the queens of Oxford music Death by Crimpers.

A Special In The Mix curated by Tiger Mendoza.

A Special In the Mix curated by Stat from Ipswich.

Featuring Special Guest Jon Spira = Music from Dive Dive, The Daisies, The Candyskins, an Oxford classic from The Anyways, and future classics from Tiger Mendoza and PECQ.

Special Guest is indie legend Darren Hayman from Hefner…

A Special In the Mix curated by Frank Turner.

Featuring music from our Special Guest, famed producer and musician, Sam Williams (The Mystics, Animalhouse) + New music from Mr. Spike and Chiika.

Featuring New Music from Echo Vector X and Julia-Sophie. Special Guest is Get Radio’s very own Rich Smith celebrating one year of the station.

Featuring Special Guest Scott from The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican.

The seventeenth installment of In the Mix.

Featuring music from Ash, Badfinger, Dr. Feelgood and new music from Slow Drift and Critter Cabal. Special Guest is the marvellous Emma Hunter. Finishes with a little sprinkling of the equally marvellous Public Service Broadcasting.

Featuring Foals, Nik Kershaw, Prolapse, Means of Production, Barricane and the legendary Chas and Dave. Special Guest is Mark Chadwick from The Levellers.

Part Sixteen of our In the Mix.

Episode eighteen of Melting Pot, featuring Special Guests, The Deadbeat Apostles.

Music from Blur, James, Dolly Parton, Neil Innes and an Oxford classic from Purple Rhinos. Oxford future classic is from Kanadia and our very Special Guest is the rising star of Oxford’s music scene, Chiika.

Featuring music from Iron Maiden, Happy Mondays, Nine Inch Nails, Beaker, Hefner, Ciccone and much more. Special Guests are Simon and Matt Williams from The Samurai Seven.

Episode 15 of Melting Pot features Special Guest, JC Carroll of The Members.

This week’s Special Guest is local musician, promoter, sound engineer, and all-round good guy Osprey.

The thirteenth installment of Melting Pot features Special Guest, Frank Turner.

Featuring music from Bauhaus, Franz Ferdinand, Joshua, The Relationships, Guns N Roses, Gloria Jones, King Prawn, The Candyskins, The Factory Lights and the national treasure and punk icon John Otway. Special Guest is Oxford producer and the master of mastering Tim Turan.

Featuring Spinal Tap, Eurythmics, Gaz Coombes, Radiohead, A-Ha, Curtiss Maldoon, The Human League, Joshua, Wall, and Toots & The Maytalls. Special Guest is Evolution Studios head and former Zodiac bossman, Nick Moorbath.

Featuring music from Led Zepellin, Frank Turner, Madonna, The August List, Little Fish and an interview with Oxford legend “Mac”.

Episode nine of Melting Pot with Rich and Deadly…

Episode eight of Melting Pot with Rich and Deadly…

Featuring music from Ultrasound, Berry Brown, The Cure, Pixies, The Strokes, Unbelievable Truth, Pink Floyd and our regular feature, Covered Uncovered.

Featuring Special Guest Tom Hingley + music from The Levellers, The Go-Betweens, Swervedriver, Deadbeat Apostles, Super Furry Animals and MORE…

Featuring New Music from The Subtheory and Special Guests Barricane +music from Prince, Smilex and more…

The fourth installment of Melting Pot…

Episode three of Melting Pot with Rich and Deadly.

Episode two of Melting Pot with Rich and Deadly.

Episode one of Melting Pot with Rich and Deadly.