Melting Pot

With Rich and Deadly

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Thursday 9:00 pm 11:00 pm

Get ready to dive into the Oxfordshire music scene with Melting Pot!

Join presenter Richie Brie and his trusty (yet somewhat long-suffering) “friend” Deadly as they take you on a journey through music, gigs, and their unique brand of banter.

Melting Pot is the perfect blend of entertainment and musical discovery, shining a spotlight on Oxfordshire’s rich music scene—past, present, and future. With their finger on the pulse of local talent, Rich and Deadly showcase the best that Oxfordshire has to offer, introducing you to hidden gems and future stars.

Get ready for a range of exciting regular features that keep you engaged throughout the show. From Rich’s Random Rock Revelation, where unexpected musical discoveries await, to Cover Uncovered, a segment that unveils surprising and captivating cover versions of well-known songs. They also take you on a nostalgic trip with Oxfordshire Classic, highlighting iconic tracks from the region’s music history, and Oxfordshire Future Classics, where they unveil promising tracks that are destined for greatness. And let’s not forget the exciting guest interviews! Each show features a different guest, providing the opportunity to get up close and personal with the movers and shakers of Oxfordshire’s music scene.

Join the Melting Pot experience for an hour or two of pure entertainment, music exploration, and the “dynamic” camaraderie of Rich and Deadly. Tune in and prepare yourself for a show where Oxfordshire’s music takes centre stage, laughter is guaranteed, and the passion for the local music scene is infectious.

You can listen to every installment of Melting Pot HERE!

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