Oxfordshire Leads England in Recycling Efforts for a Decade

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Oxfordshire residents have been recognised for their exceptional commitment to recycling, reusing, and composting, making the county the top performer in England for the 10th year running. According to the latest government statistics, Oxfordshire County Council was named the leading county council waste disposal authority, with 57.2% of household waste being recycled, reused, or composted in the 2022-23 period.

Councillor Pete Sudbury, the Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment at Oxfordshire County Council, expressed his gratitude and congratulations to the residents for their consistent efforts. “It is quite an achievement to make it 10 in a row. Our community’s dedication to reducing waste, particularly food waste, plays a significant role in not only protecting our wallets but also the planet,” Sudbury remarked. He highlighted the importance of anaerobic digestion of food waste, which creates methane to replace fossil gas, emphasising the environmental and financial benefits of minimising waste.

The total household waste in Oxfordshire for 2022/23 amounted to 278,857 tonnes, with 159,732 tonnes effectively reused, recycled, and composted. The report also noted a decline in the amount of non-recyclable waste per household and a reduction in waste sent to landfill.

The collaborative efforts of Oxfordshire’s city and four district councils have also been praised for their performance in the national category of waste collection authorities. South Oxfordshire District Council led the pack with a 61.6% recycling rate, followed closely by the Vale of White Horse and West Oxfordshire among the top performers.

The Oxfordshire Resources and Waste Partnership (ORWP), comprising the county, city, and district councils, has been instrumental in these achievements. ORWP Manager Vicky Beechey lauded the sustained efforts and commitment to environmental stewardship, “The strong performance reflects the hard work and dedication of all partners involved in delivering positive environmental outcomes and excellent services.”

The county has introduced an online booking system for residents to dispose of limited amounts of DIY waste for free at household waste recycling centres, further encouraging waste reduction. Additionally, initiatives like the Community Action Group network and the Replenish project offer residents opportunities to engage in local schemes aimed at waste reduction and environmental improvement.

For those interested in making more climate-positive choices, the Climate Action Oxfordshire website provides practical advice on reducing waste and making environmentally friendly decisions.

Written by: Hamish Law

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