Oxfordshire Residents Advised on Fire Safety this Festive Season

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As the festive season approaches, Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service is reaching out to residents with important safety advice to ensure a secure festive period. The focus is on preventing fire-related accidents, preserving the festive cheer for everyone in Oxfordshire.

Key advice includes being cautious with festive decorations and cooking practices. The use of LED lights is recommended for their lower heat emission. It’s also important to inspect these lights for any damage after storage and to turn them off before sleeping or leaving the house.

For those adorning their homes with real Christmas trees, keeping them watered is essential as dry trees can pose a fire hazard. Similarly, candle use requires caution. Unattended real candles should be avoided, and if used, they should be placed on heat-resistant surfaces and in secure holders. The safer alternative of battery-operated candles is also suggested.

Residents are also reminded to be vigilant while cooking, as unattended food on the stove can be a fire risk.

Deb Forder, Community Safety Manager at Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service, emphasizes the importance of safety during the holidays. “The festive season is an opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends. However, we should be vigilant to eliminate potential fire risks. Nobody wants to have their Christmas ruined because of a fire,” she advises.

Forder also stresses the year-round importance of smoke alarms. She encourages residents to regularly check their alarms, suggesting that those with mains operated alarms should consider giving them a ‘festive present’ of a new backup battery. It’s recommended to have a smoke alarm on each floor of the home for increased safety.

For more detailed fire safety advice, Oxfordshire residents can visit, ensuring their homes stay safe and festive this festive season.

Written by: Hamish Law

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