Oxford City Council Approves Creation of New Burial Meadow with £2.4M Allocation

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Expansive 17-Acre Meadow to Solve the City’s Looming Burial Space Crisis

Oxford City Council has given the green light to go ahead with an expansive new burial meadow. The development, to be located on 17 acres of land off Oxford Road, received £2.4 million in funding during a Cabinet meeting held on September 13.

Addressing the Burial Plot Shortage

Oxford is grappling with an increasingly urgent need for new burial spaces. The City Council responded by conducting an extensive search for potential new sites. The chosen 17-acre plot, currently used for farming, was deemed most suitable for this purpose.

Features and Amenities

Designed to serve the community for approximately 45 years, Oxford Burial Meadow will be a lush public meadow and burial site. The space will boast an array of trees, wildflower meadows, and walking paths that link to Shotover Woods. However, the specific amount of space to be allocated for burials is still subject to planning permission.

Community Support and Biodiversity

Public consultation for the project took place in July, garnering overwhelming support: 91% of respondents favored the proposal. Not only will the burial meadow address the urgent need for new burial plots, but it has also been designed to boost the site’s biodiversity, enriching tree cover and enhancing wildlife habitats.

Additionally, the meadow will offer leisure and walking opportunities around Shotover Woods for local residents. Plans to submit a planning application are scheduled for this autumn. Upon approval, the project will proceed to its detailed design and delivery stages.

Council’s Remarks

“Oxford Burial Meadow will create a peaceful burial site in a natural landscape setting, and will provide burials for Oxford residents of all faiths and cultures for decades to come,” said Councillor Chewe Munkonge, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Leisure and Parks. He added, “The consultation brought forward some really good ideas for improving the outline designs, and we would like to thank everyone who took part.”

For those interested in learning more about Oxford Burial Meadow, additional information is available on the City Council’s website.

Written by: Hamish Law

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